Mini Paella Tapas Pans

This set of four 15-cm across (6-in) mini black enamel paella pans are perfect for serving appetizers and are completely... See more

Pata Negra Double-Gauge Steel Paella Pan (30 cm)

This durable crafted pan is made from double-gauge steel, which helps evenly distribute the heat during cooking and prevents... See more

Traditional Steel Paella Pan (30 cm)

This traditional paella pan is the most commonly used in Spain. Crafted from hammered carbon steel, it’s imprinted with... See more

Medium Paella Grill System with Burner

Cook your paella the way it was meant to – outdoors over an open flame. This quality grill system with removable grill,... See more

Michelangelo Jamón Knife

Cutting ham very thin can be a challenge but this revolutionary knife makes it easy to carve like an expert – even for... See more

Black Hoof Ham Holder

Ideal for carving and storing your black-hoof Jamón Ibérico or any quality ham. Constructed with a solid wood base and... See more

Premium Stone or Wood Ham Holder

This polished stone or wood-based deluxe holder offers maximum stability, as well as a solid metal grip with adjustable angles... See more

Basic Ham Holder

Essential for carving and storing your bone-in ham, this basic but fully functional quality holder is constructed of wood... See more