Fermin Dressed Iberico Suckling Pig

Fermin Dressed Iberico Suckling Pig is the perfect showpiece for any party, dinner or event. This whole suckling pig can... See more

Fermín Pluma Ibérico (Loin Tip/Flank)

Derived from the more fatty – and flavourful — shoulder section of the loin, this cut takes its name from its feathered... See more

Fermín Presa Ibérico (Shoulder Steak)

Taken from the leanest part of the collar – the central part of the neck muscle – Presa stands out for its flavour and... See more

Fermín Secreto Ibérico (Boneless Shoulder)

Securing this ‘secret’ treasured cut of veined meat to ensure the right amount of fat is no easy task – it takes the... See more

Fermín Solomillo Ibérico (Tenderloin)

Ibérico stands out for its incredible rich flavour, texture and tenderness – and perhaps no cut stands out more than Solomillo.... See more

Fermín Chuletero Ibérico (Bone-In Loin)

Found along the pig’s back from shoulder to hip, composed of the loin, third part of the rib and backbone, the chuletero... See more

Fermín Costilla Ibérico (Spare Ribs)

Found in the thoracic cavity, there are two costillas per animal. Highly marbled and infused with acorn-rich flavour, the... See more

Fermín Panceta Ibérico (Belly Skin-On)

Made from the same belly meat as Italian-style pancetta, this cut is fatty and scrumptious with meat veins throughout. See more

Fermín Lomo Ibérico (Loin)

Valued both fresh and dry cured, the loin is a cut that’s always extremely juicy and packed with flavour. See more

Fermín Carrilleras Ibérico (Cheeks)

Tender and brimming with sweet fatty flavour, cheek meat is derived from around the jaw and is ideal for cooking. Serve it... See more