Frozen Boneless Solomillo Ibérico (Tenderloin)

Located in the back part between the hams and the backbone in the abdominal cavity. Due to its genetic properties, the Ibérico... See more

Fermín Chuletero Ibérico (Bone-In Loin)

Found along the pig’s back from shoulder to hip, composed of the loin, third part of the rib and backbone, the chuletero... See more

Frozen Costilla Ibérico (Back Ribs)

Located in the thoracic cavity, there are two Costillas per pig. These muscles have a great quality. This meat stands out... See more

Fermin Cured Panceta Iberico (Belly Skin-On)

Fermin Cured Panceta Iberico (Belly Skin-On) is made from the same belly meat as Italian-style pancetta. This cut is fatty... See more

Fermín Lomo Ibérico (Loin)

Valued both fresh and dry cured, the loin is a cut that’s always extremely juicy and packed with flavour. See more

Frozen Carrillera Iberica (Pork Cheeks)

Cheeks are located in the jaw and are perfect for cooking. Ideally served with a variety of fruit glazes (blueberry, cherry,... See more

Frozen Cabecero de Lomo Iberico (Pork Collar)

The collar muscle is used by the Iberico pig to move its neck and head.  Frozen Cabecero de Lomo Iberico (Collar) is a highly... See more

Frozen Tocino Iberico (Back Fat Skin On)

From the back of the Iberico we obtain the highest quality back fat, also known as lard. Golden and pinky in colour, it melts... See more