Spanish canned seafood (known as conservas) is a favourite in bars and restaurants across Spain. Don Bocarte Anchovy are fished from the Bay of Biscay in northern Spain these anchovies are of the highest quality and can not be compared to anything currently on the market! Unlike other varieties these anchovies are characterized with a mild flavour and moist texture. Each anchovy is delicately packed by hand into the can and then covered with a specially selected olive oil.


No preservatives, all natural, and gluten-free.


Enjoy with a Cava or Estrella beer, olives, almonds, bread, or chips as an accompaniment and you can’t forget the authentic Spanish tapas toothpicks!


Depending on yield each season, size of anchovies vary resulting in different quantities in each tin.


Sustainable seafood: fished only during certain times of the year to maintain sustainability for future generations.


Read all about our Spanish canned seafood adventures here:

Size: 120g (14/16 Count)
Unit UPC: 8436534810167
Case UPC: n/a
Ingredients: anchovies, extra virgin olive oil and salt

Nutrition Facts
Valeur nutritive

Per 15 g


% Daily Value
% valeur quotidienne

Calories / Calories


Fat / Lipides

1.5 g
2 %

Saturated / saturés

0 g
0 %

+ Trans / trans

0 g
0 %

Cholesterol / cholestérol

15 mg

Sodium / sodium

700 mg
29 %

Carbohydrate / glucides

0 g
0 %

Fibre / fibres

0 g
0 %

Sugars / sucres

0 g

Protein / protéines

3 g

Vitamin / Vitamine A

0 %

Vitamin / Vitamine C

0 %

Calcium / Calcium

4 %

Iron / Fer

2 %

Alcohol / Alcohol

0 %